Standing In Need – Healing From Social Justice Battle Fatigue

Roslyn Retreat Center, Richmond

This retreat weekend offers members of the BIPOC community a space to name the challenges of institutional, interpersonal and internal oppression, while developing skills and strategies to promote healing and transformation in the name of Jesus. Ursuline Bankhead, Ph.D. will lead participants in discussions on: Shame = Silence + Secrecy + Judgment; the lies we’ve told and the new narratives we’re creating; and historical, theological, and social constructs of oppression. Participants are challenged to personally explore their life experiences through a didactic group process that invites them on a journey toward wholeness. This retreat is open to clergy and laypeople. Click here to register.
Dr. Bankhead has presented programs on the topics of communication, health equity, implicit bias, grief and loss, aging, cognitive impairment, and gender issues to various groups and organizations throughout The Episcopal Church. She works as a psychologist in Western New York and leads programs and initiatives to address issues of equity and inclusion.