An Update on the Truro Church Lease

Below is an update on the Truro Church lease with Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax City, Virginia. We share this today as the leadership of Truro Anglican are sharing a similar message with their congregation regarding this property. 
As part of efforts by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to expand its mission and ministry throughout The Diocese, Bishop Susan E. Goff, Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesiastical Authority of The Diocese, initiated conversations a year ago with leaders of Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax City, Virginia regarding the future of real property leased to that congregation.
The property owned by The Diocese located at 10520 Main Street and 1 Truro Lane in downtown Fairfax City is leased to Truro Anglican Church rent-free, with the tenant responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the property and buildings. The current lease runs until 2037 and follows short-term leases which were agreed to after Virginia Courts confirmed that The Diocese of Virginia owns the Truro Church campus.
In November 2019, The Diocese of Virginia initiated confidential conversations with representatives of Truro about a possible termination of the lease prior to 2037, possibly by a sale of the property to Truro Anglican Church. The discussions have been productive and are expected to continue.
“I believe this effort embodies our diocesan goals of supporting and growing our priority ministries, healing across differences, resourcing God's mission, sharing the faith of Jesus with youth and others, and honoring and caring for God's creation,” said Bishop Goff.  “And I am hopeful the discussions will lead to an outcome that allows The Diocese to deepen and expand our commitment to more than 68,000 members and 425 clergy.”