Communications Office

The Office of Communications

  • Produces the e-Communiqué newsletter
  • Publishes the Annual Convention Journal
  • Maintains the diocesan Web site
  • Publishes the clergy directory
  • Is responsible for graphics, images and photography
  • Creates invitations and orders of service for diocesan events
  • Consults with vestries and clergy on communications plans and best practices
  • Offers review and critique services for Web sites, newsletters, bulletins and communications ministries

How can I share news about my church or ministry with the rest of the Diocese?

The diocesan Communications Office works to share stories, news and events from the 180 churches across our Diocese. We work hard for a balance in our communications, featuring stories from every corner of the Diocese and across a broad and varied spectrum of ministries.

To effectively share these stories, we need your help. Here’s how to share your news with the Diocese.