Odeon Chamber Music Series - Dancing Heart Ensemble

Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church

3241 Brush Drive 
Falls Church, VA 22042
Driving Directions

Dancing Heart Ensemble consists of Karen Johnson on flute, Bryan Bourne on trombone, and Mariko Hiller on piano. The group entertains the audience with exciting, innovative programs and the unique ensemble. The program for this concert is titled “Mozart to Milonga”. The group will take you to the journey of exquisite classical music to exciting Latin rhythm.
A movement from Trio No. 2 / Mozart
Selections from opera arias duets / Mozart
7 Variations on 'Bei Männern” from Magic Flute / Beethoven
Selections from Sonata Latino / Mike Mower
El Taguarote / W. Ordóñez
Corcovado / A. C. Jobim
Requiem Milonga / V. Coleman
And more at: St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
3241 Brush Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042
Admission: Free (donation of $20 or more to partially defray costs is appreciated)
For questions/comments, please email at marikohiller@gmail.com