Covenantal Giving Regional Gathering Registration

As part of the Resolution on Covenantal Giving, all churches in the Diocese received a communication from our Treasurer, Ted Smith. Your letter outlined three years of parish income based upon Line 3 of parochial reports for 2020, 2021, and 2022. You were also provided the average of those three years along with your parish's proposed contribution to the Diocese based upon 9% of that average.

If you are NOT able to meet or exceed the 9% contribution for your 2024 Diocesan pledge, please plan to attend your regional gathering on Covenantal Giving on Saturday, June 17 to request an adjustment to your pledge. In preparation for that meeting, please fill out the following form so that we may best plan for your attendance.

There will be four meetings on June 17, 2023, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. The four locations are:

  • The Falls Church, Falls Church
  • St. James, Warrenton
  • Christ Church, Glen Allen
  • Grace, Kilmarnock

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Regional Gathering Registration Form
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