Trustees of the Funds' Message Regarding Cyber Attack

Happy New Year, ToTF Participant. We pray that God will bless you and your church organization throughout the coming year. We want to alert you to two data breach incidents to ensure you take steps to protect the security of your accounts and to be on the lookout for any unauthorized or suspicious activity.


What Happened and How ToTF Responded

We recently determined that two requests from ToTF participants to withdraw funds in November and December 2022 were fraudulently manipulated to direct the funds to be distributed to unauthorized bank accounts. Frauds were detected when the requesting churches did not receive the funds they requested in their authorized accounts. ToTF immediately contacted our outside IT support staff and put in place additional measures to stop any further unauthorized actions.  Additionally, we have worked with IT staff, outside attorneys and our insurers to investigate, mitigate and resolve this incident and explore additional security protocol.  As soon as we have more information to provide, we will send an additional communication and schedule a meeting with you


What ToTF Participants Should Do

Please monitor your accounts and any communications to and from ToTF regarding the withdrawal of funds to be sure they are legitimate.  Any suspicious or unusual request or communication should be reported to us.  Any fund request should be followed up by a phone call directly to our staff so that it can be verified.


The ToTF Board and staff recognize the frustration and burden this causes. We are working to resolve these issues , and we want all participants to be aware of the situation, our responses, and our commitment to providing the best possible service and financial returns for our participants. If you have any questions, please direct them to Lynn Ivey, the ToTF Executive Director at or Bob Clarke, ToTF Trustee and Vice President at We will respond to you within the next week.




Lynn Ivey and Bob Clarke