For church volunteers, the following steps must be followed, and attached documents completed.
  1. Obtain Documentation of Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training
  2. Obtain Certification Regarding No Prior Child Sexual Abuse Conviction, Paraphiliac Diagnosis or Act of Abuse. This certification must be signed by all clergy, lay employees, and volunteer youth or child workers. Form found on misconduct prevention webpage
  3. Conduct a Criminal Background Check: A criminal background must be completed for supervisory volunteer youth/child workers whose work includes off-site activities, and those who have regular, on-on-one contact with the elderly
  4. Investigate “Red Flags:” Note and investigate any red flags raised by the criminal background check.

For Questions Contact

Gloria Parham | Assistant for Episcopal Ministries | gparham@thediocese.net | 804-643-8451 ext. 1053