Congregational Development

  • Mutual Ministry Review:  To secure a trained Facilitator, please utilize the link attached here:  2023-2024 MMR Trained Facilitators. The Congregation will work directly with the Facilitator of their choosing to schedule their availability. It is  highly recommended for the congregation to provide the Facilitator with a Consulting Fee to be negotiated. For further information regarding MMR, please contact Canon d’Rue Hazel at
  • College for Congregational Development:  Equips lay leaders and clergy in congregational and organizational development. The College is a 2-year initiative that includes readings, facilitation, teamwork, a content exam, and the completion of two projects within participants’ own congregations. In order to strengthen leadership within parishes, it is encouraged that churches send groups of clergy and lay leaders to take part in the College as a team. For more information contact the Rev. Shirley Smith-Graham at
  • Congregational Vitality Resources: This work includes areas of definition of vocational purpose, ministry models for program implementation, addressing conflict and much more. Please contact the Rev. Shirley Smith-Graham at or Canon d’Rue Hazel at
  • Priest-in-Charge to Rector Program:  A vital aspect of Transition Ministry this opportunity provides a unique approach to interim ministry.  Please contact the Rev. Shirley Smith-Graham at
  • Development of Collaborative Ministry (Yoking congregations and/or sharing ministry):  Please contact the Rev. Shirley Smith-Graham at