Presentation for Your Own Church

A 45-Minute Presentation

Prior to the conference, look at the resources provided, and choose from the linked items which ones to print out. Suggested handouts:

A suggested format for the forum:

  • Opening Prayer (Suggested: For the Oppressed, BCP p. 826)
  • Presentation of the House of Bishops Pastoral Letter with a short discussion (15 minutes)
  • Playing of the movie, We Are All Immigrants (10 minutes)
  • Discussion on why we should be involved in this issue. (15 minutes)
  • Distribution of materials (5 minutes)
  • Closing prayer (Suggested: For Those Who Influence Public Opinion, BCP p. 827)

Both the Rev. Lauren R. Stanley and Patrick Getlein, Communications Director of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, are available to help with presenting immigration advocacy forums.

Lauren Stanley can be contacted at MereLaurenS(at)gmail(dot)com or at 703-678-3892.
Patrick Getlein can be contacted at patrick(at)virginiainterfaithcenter(dot)org or at 804-643-2474.