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Our webinar library is crafted to offer in depth, inspiring guidance as well as grab-and-go-and-get-it-done 'Stewardship Starts'.

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Our Full Webinars:

Our 'Stewardship Starts' Mini-Webinars:

Annual Giving 1. What Is Stewardship?
  2. About Our 'One Together' Theme
  3. The New Normal and Holy Agility
  4. Begin with the Numbers
  5. Program Overview
  6. Your Calendar
  7. Matching Gifts
  8. Logos and Icons
  9. Pledge Letters
  10. Other Communications
  11. Pledge Cards
  12. Proportional Giving Charts
  13. More Resources & Creativity
Digital Giving 1. Why Digital Giving
  2. How Church Members Can Use Digital Giving
  3. The Technical Aspects of Digital Giving
  4. Programs & Platforms
  5. Ensuring Your Success
Narrative Budgets 1. The Importance of Story
  2. What is a Narrative Budget? 
  3. Finding Stories Within Your Congregation
  4. Great Communications & Narrative Budgets
  5. Church Narrative Budgets & Things to Remember
Visual Budgets 1. Using Graphics for Congregational Storytelling
  2. Diocesan icons used for Visual Storytelling
  3. The Power of the Human Brain
  4. What is a Visual Budget?
  5. Expressing information using Visual Cues
  6. Visual Budgets in the Real World 
  7. Forming Emotional Connections Through Storytelling
  8. How to Make These Ideas Your Own

Full Webinars

Visual Budgets: Engaging Your Spreadsheet

visual budget YT

Research has found that humans process visuals 60,000 faster than text. Because of this what we see has a deep effect on what we do, what we feel, and what we believe. These effective techniques of visual storytelling provide a compelling way to create a genuine connection while also engaging parishioners.

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 Narrative Budgets for Missional Giving

Connect every dollar in your budget to what God is doing in your lives as an active faith community through a narrative budget that inspires, interprets, encourages, challenges, and informs givers about why their pledges matter. Learn more about how to express both current impact and future needs through this powerful method of stewardship and storytelling.
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Fall Annual Giving  and 'One Together' Annual Giving Program

2020 is a distinctive year of ministry. Our annual giving program for the fall of this year is as well. This year's theme "One Together" centers on the opening words of our Holy Baptism liturgy: "There is one Body and one Spirit; There is one hope in God's call to us; One Lord, one faith, one Baptism; One God and Father of all."
1. Webinar Slides
2. 'One Together' Annual Giving for Fall 2020
3. Library of All Annual Giving Programs


Digital Giving Now!

Studies from online providers and those that look at trends in digital giving have learned that donors who give electronically, especially when they make recurring gifts, give more than those that using checks or cash. This webinar will help you develop a plan to establish digital giving for your church if you haven’t done so already, help encourage recurring giving among your parishioners, and enhance the messaging you use to optimize your digital giving.
1. Webinar Slides
2. List of Digital Giving Platforms
3. Provider Assessment Chart (Horizons Stewardship)
4. Gratitude Plan
5. Recurring Giving Plan


Leading Where You've Never Been Before
with Terry Goolsby from Horizons Stewardship

Where you’re going you’ve never been before. That’s why you need a compass, not a map. Horizons Stewardship will serve as your guide for the upcoming webinar. Senior Vice President, Terry Goolsby, will share a proven framework for engaging your givers and elevating your capacity to meet your pressing ministry demands. There are no easy answers, no turn-by-turn instructions. What we offer is a compass--guiding principles--to help you navigate this uncharted territory and achieve your ministry objectives.
1. Webinar Slides
2. More About Terry Goolsby
3. More About Horizons Stewardship


Church Vitality Now! Giving *Now*, Digital Resources, and 'Holy Agility'

In our third of three COVID-19 response video, we discuss what giving looks like *now*, our favorite and most engaging digital resources, and how to prepare for a fall giving season rich in 'Holy Agility'.
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2. 'Holy Agility' resource
3. 'Engaging Digital Resources'


Church Vitality NOW! Relationships During a Crisis

In our second of three COVID-19 response webinars, we discuss stewarding relationships. Our conversations includes specific best practices to integrate or enhance in your congregations now. We discuss enriching relationships, strategic conversations with generous pledgers, and what to anticipate with the fall annual giving season. We also tee-up a conversation about how to prepare ourselves to be agile in our fall stewardship ministry - and how we can find creative and joy in this Holy Agility!
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Church Vitality NOW! Giving During a Crisis / The Giving Curve

In our first of three COVID-19 response webinars we discuss what giving looks like after after natural disasters and catastrophes – or the 'Giving Curve'. This means the normal, expected decline in plate, pledge and other revenue sources after a crisis. We talk about where your church likely is within this curve, as well as the current best practices we are seeing for healthy, responsive, godly stewardship at this point in the life of our Church and in our communities. Join us!
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2. The Giving Curve



The Ministry of Planned Giving

The Ministry of Planned Giving webinar


This workshop offers creative ideas for supporting the mission and ministry of your church with legacy gifts while fully engaging parishioners through their love of Jesus Christ. With valuable information for both congregational leaders and individual parishioners, we’ll consider our call as faithful Christians, begin to think how our personal values influence how we want to make a difference with our legacy gifts, and look at some basic legacy gift vehicles. 


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  2. “What is Special to You?”