Episcopal Youth Event 2023

The Diocese of Virginia is excited to announce our participation in the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) of 2023, July 3-8 at the University of Maryland in College Park. EYE is for youth in current grades 9-12, and each participant, both youth and chaperones, must pay a registration fee of $400. The Diocese of Virginia is covering costs for transportation and the Pre-event. Scholarship assistance may be available. We are hoping to take 25 kids and 5 chaperones to this life changing experience.

The Diocese of Virginia Delegation will be heading to EYE a day early on July 3rd for a Province III pre-event, with transportation provided. Our delegation's registration is open now, and you can register your youth at the link here. We are currently looking for additional chaperones. Chaperones can register here.

Sue Cromer, Youth Minister at St. Mary’s in Arlington, will be the head chaperone and primary contact while James Williams, Director of Shrine Mont Camps, will be the acting registrar. You may direct questions to sue.cromer@stmarysarlington.org or jwilliams@thediocese.net

What is EYE?

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023, EYE is the church’s second-largest event after General Convention, drawing nearly 1,500 young people ages 15-19 from every province in The Episcopal Church every three years. Attendees participate as part of a delegation, which can be from a diocese or coordinated through a congregation, school, or other Episcopal organization.

EYE programs focus on helping young people develop leadership skills, spiritual practices, and early stages of vocational discernment. In addition to meeting and socializing with other Episcopalians from around the world, EYE participants will spend time in worship, large-group presentations, small-group discussions, and workshops on a variety of topics.

The dual-language theme for EYE23 – developed by the youth planning team, which seeks to emphasize welcome and invitation to all young people throughout the church – is “Regreso a Casa: A New Age of Faith.”

To learn more about EYE, see their page linked here.

Who can attend EYE?

Youth that are currently in grades 9-12th are eligible to attend EYE, as well as a set number of chaperones that register prior to the event. If you are interested in being a chaperone or participant, please register here.