Nancy Chafin

Minister for Communications, x1029  |  email ↓

Nancy Chafin helps congregations to share their stories online, in print and in social media. As Minister of Communications, she oversees diocesan publications, public relations and serves as press officer to the bishops. She is also Editor of the e-Communique monthly newsletter. She’s currently on a quest to find or develop the ultimate social media evangelism campaign – one that invites non-churchgoers to discover the modern Episcopal Church. Nancy began her career in Richmond serving several non-profits. She later served as corporate communications manager for the former Media General, a newspaper and broadcast company. She also taught writing and public relations at VCU. Besides Shrine Mont, her favorite place to be is the Richmond Ballet, where her daughter is a student and she and her husband are the professional company’s biggest fans.    

Contact Nancy for assistance with church communicator trainings, best resources and vendors for church communications, media and public relations, and story ideas for the e-Communique.