Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Diocese of Virginia in between sessions of Annual Convention and is responsible for oversight of the budget and program of the Diocese. Much of the program of the Diocese is done by the work of committed volunteers formed in committees and commissions.

The Executive Board is composed as follows: The Bishop, the Bishop Coadjutor if there is one, and the Suffragan Bishops if there are any, as well as 16 members selected by the 16 regions of the Diocese to terms of three years. By custom, the Episcopal Church Women are represented by the ECW President, who has seat and voice but no vote on the Board. The Bishop is the President of the Board, and a lay vice president is elected annually. 

In addition, at the 226th Annual Convention, an amendment was made to Canon 7.1 of the Constitution and Canons. It reads as follows:

“To provide for wider diversity and equity that may not always be represented, the Bishop may appoint, with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee, no more than three at-large members (whether lay or clerical) for a one-year term, with the option of reappointment for each at-large member for no more than two additional one-year terms. The appointed at-large members shall be clergy who are on the Official List of the Clergy of the Diocese (Canon1) or lay persons eligible for election to the Vestry of a Church in the Diocese and may not be the Dean or President of a Region or a member of the Standing Committee.”


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The 2023 Executive Board

The Rt. Rev'd E. Mark Stevenson
Bishop Diocesan 
Executive Board President


Elected Members

The Rev. Jo Belser
Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria
Alexandria Region

The Rev. Catherine Campbell
San Jose and Cristo Rey, Arlington
Arlington Region

Ms. Mickie Jones
St. Mark's, Richmond
Central Richmond Region

The Rev. Amanda Kotval
St. Paul's, Ivy
Charlottesville Region

The Rev. Anne West
Piedmont, Madison
Culpeper Region

Ms. Ericka Masias
La Iglesia de Santa Maria, Falls Church
ECW President

Mr. Harry Dickinson
Trinity, Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg Region

Mr. Garway A.D. Bright
Christ Church, Glen Allen
Member at Large

Ms. Deb Gandy
St. Mary's, Arlington
Member at Large


Ms. Alda White
Trinity, Fredericksburg
Member at Large

Ms. Joni Langevoort
Holy Comforter, Vienna
North Fairfax Region

Ms. Mary (Boo) Elmore
Immanuel, Old Church, Mechanicsville
North Richmond Region

Ms. Sandra Kirkpatrick
St. Stephen's, Heathsville
Northern Neck Region

The Rev. Gene LeCouteur
Emmanuel, Middleburg
Northern Piedmont Region

Mr. George Omohundro
Vice President of Executive Board          St. Luke's, Alexandria
Potomac Region

Mr. Paul Rosbolt
The Falls Church, Falls Church
South Fairfax Region

The Rev. Joseph Butler
Emmanuel, Harrisonburg
So. Shenandoah Valley Region

Ms. Laura Bondurant
St. John's, West Point
Upper Tidewater Region

The Rev. Emily Dunevant
Grace, Goochland
West Richmond Region

The Rev. Webster Gibson
Christ Church, Winchester
North Shenandoah Region